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Summer School-TEWWG Ch. 13 & 14

Chapter 13:

1. Does anybody from Eatonville see Janie leave?

2. What does Janie send Pheoby after a week in Jacksonville?

3. Why does Mrs. Samuels ask Janie to drink coffee with her?

4. How did Annie Tyler get her money?

5. How much money does Janie still have in Eatonville?

6. How does Janie know Tea Cake is coming back?

7. What does Tea Cake do with the ugly women who want to get into the party?

8. What happens with two men who want to fight each other at Tea Cake’s party?

9. What does God know about Tea Cake?

Chapter 14:

1. When does the bean season open?

2. Why is Tea Cake waiting for his new boss?

3. Why doesn’t Tea Cake gamble while they are waiting for the beans to grow?

4. How does Tea Cake make Janie practice shooting?

5. What is Tea Cake’s favorite dish?

6. Why does Janie make dessert every night?

7. What happens when the houses fill up?

8. Why do people come to Tea Cake and Janie’s house every night?

9. How often does Tea Cake win at gambling?

10. Who won the card game?


At 11:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Chapter 11
1. Tea Cake tells Janie to have another Coke because it wasn't "done" right the first time.
2. Janie and Tea Cake go fishing at Lake Sabelia.
3. Tea Cake is prepared to play with Janie's hair by bringing a comb with him.
4. Tea Cake catches a string of fresh caught trout for Janie.
5. Janie wishes that she was twelve years younger.
6. Tea Cake wants to bet Janie a dollar that he loves her.
7. Tea Cake wakes Janie up a couple days after their fight because he wants to tell her his daytime feelings because he can't convince her of them at night.
8. Tea Cake is pretending to sleep in Janie's hammock.
9. Tea Cake brings a car to Janie's store because he wants to take her to the big Sunday School picnic the next day.
10. Tea Cake has been saving money for two weeks to take Janie to the church picnic.

Chapter 12
1. Joe has been dead for nine months in this chapter.
2. Janie usually wears blue.
3. The Pastor says that Tea Cake doesn't allow Janie to come to church but only once in a while because he wants to change to buy gas with.
4. Before arriving at Janie's house Phoeby stops and talks to everyone she met, and turned aside momentarily to pause at a porch or two.
5. Janie doesn't wear mourning clothes anymore because she's not grieving for him.
6. Phoeby is scared that Janie is becoming like a possum because she assumes that Janie is losing her sense.
7. Janie decides to sell the store because Tea Cake isn't Jody Starks and it would be a joke if he tried to fill the position. Everyone would make comparisons and that's not what she wants.
8. Janie means that after the failure of her marriage with Logan and Jody for security she wants to venture love for herself and not live by her grandmother's rules.
9. Phoeby is like a chicken because she is soaking the dream but not living the reality.
10. Janie is preparing consists of high heel slippers, necklace, earrings, and "everything he (Tea Cake) wants to see me in."

At 10:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Chapter 13
1. Only a few people from Eatonville saw Janie leave because her train left too early in the day for most of the townpeople to witness it.
2. Janie sends Phoeby a card with a picture on it after a week in Jacksonville.
3. Mrs. Samuels asks Janie to drink coffee with her because she saw that Tea Cake had left early that morning and wanted to keep her company.
4. Annie Tyler gets her money from her husband's death insurance.
5. Janie still has twelve hundred dollars in Eatonville.
6. Janie knows that Tea Cake is coming back because he knows that she is lonesome.
7. Tea Cake pays each of the ugly women two dollars to not come into the party.
8. The two men who want to fight at Tea Cake party kissed and made up because even though they'd rather go to jail everyone else there liked the idea.
9. God knows Tea Cake wouldn't hurt a fly.

Chapter 14
1. The bean season opens up the last of September.
2. Tea Cake is waiting for his new boss because "big men haves uh certain time tuh open de season jus' lak in everything else."
3. Tea Cake does not gamble because there is no need to yet.
4. Tea Cake makes Janie practice shooting by making her shoot at little things to develop good aim.
5. Tea Cake's favorite dish is baked big pans of navy bean with plenty of sugar and hunks of bacon laying on top.
6. Janie makes desert every night because Tea Cake says it gives a man something to taper off on.
7. When the house was full "all around the doorstep was full".
8. People come to Janie and Tea Cake's house every night because Some would listen to Tea Cake play the guitar and some would gamble with him.
9. Tea Cake wins sometimes but also loses sometimes because there are several good gamblers on the lake.
10. Ed Dockery wins the card game.

At 12:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Chapter 13:

1. Some people in Eatonville witness Janie's departure, and tell others about it.

2. After a week in Jacksonville, Janie sends Pheoby "a card with a picture on it."

3. Mrs. Samuels asks Janie to have coffee with her to keep her company, since Tea Cake had left.

4. Annie Tyler inherited her fortune from her dead husband.

5. Janie has ten dollars on her, and $1200 in the bank.

6. Janie saw "the sun sending up spies ahead of him [Tea Cake] to mark out the road through the dark."

7. At the party, Tea Cake pays the ugly women two dollars each to stay outside.

8. Tea Cake tells the two belligerent men at the party to kiss and make up, and everybody else agrees, so the men do- literally.

9. God knows that Tea Cake is harmless.

Chapter 14:

1. The bean season in the Everglades opens on the last of September.

2. Tea Cake has to wait for his boss because the boss didn't get enough seeds and is getting more.

3. Tea Cake doesn't gamble while waiting for the beans to grow because all the newcomers had no money to lose to him.

4. Tea Cake makes Janie shoot at tiny targets for practice.

5. Tea Cake loves baked beans, which Janie makes for him several times a week.

6. Janie makes dessert every night because Tea Cake says it "give a man something to taper off on."

7. When the houses fill up, workers start camping on other peoples' land for a boarding fee.

8. Every night, people come to Tea Cake's house to hear him play his guitar.

9. Tea Cake doesn't win at gambling as much as he normally would because there are other good gamblers living on the lake.

10. Ed wins the card game against Sop.


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